The impossible missions are the only ones that truly succeed.
- Jacques Cousteau

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The Green Island Project

The purpose of the Green Island Project is to Design Systems that will clean up the Oceans of the World
and assist in international Humanitarian efforts

The Green Island Project is an International effort by a multitude of Designers, Engineers and passionate people that want to make an actual impact in preserving and restoring the Oceans of Our Planet (among other missions).

We are a non political association, that does not align itself with any specific country, ideology, geopolitical belief, or religion.

We as a civilization have been notoriously negligent and caring for the very lifeblood/Lungs of our planet... The Oceans of the world. We have allowed big corporations and governments to destroy and/or manipulate the environment for their gain or control.

We have decimated the oceans by dumping billions of tons of raw sewage, massive radiation, chemicles, crude Oil and more into the ocean, as well as modern garbage. We are now seeing the results of this accumulation of oceanic abuse by way of hundreds of square kilometers of ocean that can no longer support aquatic life. Many of these areas are found off the shores of many countries that depend on fishing and the food supplied by the oceans previously. Others Locations are massive areas of contamination and garbage known as the five gyres/seas of garbage.

Many people have publicaly stated that it is impossible to clean this up because it is such a large overwhelming problem. The Project Managers, Designers, and engineers associated with the Green Island Project understand the size and significance with the understanding of how to break the process down into workable chunks that can make a significant difference.

This project was started on a strictly volunteer basis, and for those who have been diligent and stuck to it, we have made progress over time. This is not a high profile or a highly popular project but there are many dedicated professionals joining together for the long run to achieve our goal one step at a time. The first goal of this project is to design a research platform that is environmentally friendly whereas we can take engineers out with us to design ways to remove the garbage and stop the flow of contaminating sewage into the oceans.In part this has already been accomplished. The initial specifications and design has been completed. This includes special unique designs in the prppulsion system and the power infrastructure never before used on any ship.

The Green Island Project’s primary project is to complete the design of our flagship Trimaran that is 100% self sufficient and does not cause any environmental harm what-so-ever. It is perhaps the first high technology self- sufficient ship of its like. The Trimaran itself will have a length of 150 feet, three fully functional hulls, a specially designed power system and propulsion, with crew’s quarters to comfortably handle a technical and scientific staff, a modular research container containing all of the equipment for the design and engineering capacity needed for multiple missions.

Since the Trimaran incorporates changeable modular operational containers, the Trimaran can also be set up with a medical facility that would provide two operating rooms as well as a dental chair. This would be used for humanitarian medical assistance along coastlines of countries that are in dire need of medical assistance after a natural disaster.

A third capability of the Trimaran, is the transfer and movement of emergency food and medical supplies to disaster zones where a shallow draft is required for accessing remote areas.

A secondary mission for this vessel is to provide humanitarian support to countries along the coastline around the world. We have been working on obtaining time dated equipment from hospitals (robes, gurneys, daily use supplies, medical hardware, and such) that can be transported to small villages that desperately need this type of equipment in order to help the villagers in times of crisis. Inclusive within the humanitarian mission would be the ability to transport food, medical supplies, and emergency personnel to disaster areas created by tsunamis or other natural disasters.

The current estimate cost for the completion of the design and building the Trimaran is $17 Million USD... We have been working on many different ways to aobain the needed funding for this technologically unique sailing ship.


The Green Island Project’s secondary project is to establish a “Naturopathic” health research station that applies known therapies proven i order to cure disease that allopathic medicine is not willing to cure because of the massive amount of money associated with not curing disease. This facility will be located outside of the United States. Our idelogical aim is to find some of the best naturopathic doctors and researchers on the planet and bring true Health to the world. The big corporations are only in it for the money and want to keep the return customer. They do not want cures because treating disease is a cash cow for them. Because politicians and doctors are also profiting highly from continuing sickness, there are very few that actually want to cure. Greed prevails over humanity...

If you would like to participate and be part of our worldwide network, then please contact me.