Welcome to the Constitutional Jurisdiction Web Page…

In loving memory to our dear friend Steve Rice… To take upon ourselves the twinkle in his eyes and the Love for helping others that he was always so passionate about. May we continue his footsteps in the sand…

This is a limited access web site specifically for verified Judges and selected guests. At the momentĀ this siteĀ is not locked down and it is not certain that it will be locked down, but the forum is locked down.

We hope that if you have any questions or suggestions that you will pass them onto the Web Master or post them in the Forum under the comment/suggestion forum.

The purpose and focus of this web site is to be a resource for all Judges to share, learn, and understand about the position of Superior Court Judge.

The way this is organized is in specific categories of issues that we will be dealing with over time. Discussion is specifically for the forum site whereas processes are posted within this site.

Just select the specific item at the top to go to the page… Videos will be listed as well and there will/might be two categories of videos… The first will be our own productions, and the second will by suggested videos listed offsite using a link. We will be posting a criteria for what offsite videos will be allowed because that can become overwhelming.

Please remember that the focus and scope of this web site is the Education, sharing, understanding and standardization of what the Office of the Superior Court Judge is and how to perform your duties as such.

Some questions and such may have to be open to the public for assistance in research and tracking down information, this can be accomplished on another site as a research request… All research needs to be backed up with documentation and source as much as possible.

Thank You

Judge gary-dean: darby